Umiga OS


So you've heard about the Umiga. Pack your things before the next ride of your life.

Operating System

Umiga is not like any other OS. It's not about making things even prettier and faster. It's about starting a revolution; a new way of thinking about your computer and your life.

1985 - 2020

While history made us what we are today, Umiga is a clean state OS not tied to any other foregoing platform. We are utterly headed towards the exciting future...


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Umiga is a new architecture, a new experience, and a new community. Only the true spirit and the startup-sequence trace back to 1985.


There are devs, users, and now there are Umigans. A new generation of tech creatives enlisted to explore and settle a new territory.


How did you do that!? - be prepared to answer this endless question, as no one will understand your mass creation weapon.


Rediscover the true meaning of a community, a brotherhood. Together we stand because together we imagine and create.


It was never about a piece of silicium, it's a matter of architecture and philosophy. Hardware choice is now up to you.

AMD cpus INTEL cpus ARM cpus NVIDIA cpus IBM POWER cpus